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Your brand hardwood flooring has now been carefully installed and completed, so what's there left to do?

Happily, not much. The beauty of oak flooring, like any hardwood flooring, is you will only need some basic care and maintenance to look after it and keep it in excellent condition for decades to come.

Pick the Right Finish

Among the most significant things that you need to do, even before your flooring is set up, is selecting the most appropriate finish to suit your house. After all, not everyone will want the exact same look from their floors or have the exact same level of action in their home, all of which affect which complete you should choose.

For instance, a lacquer finish will give your floors anything from a flat matt into a high gloss finish, depending on what is chosen, and is quite easy to care for. An oil finish, on the other hand, will give your floor a much more natural"soaked in" appearance that will leans towards more of a matt look and can be quite easily patch mended should the desire arise.

Protect Your Hardwood Floor from Furniture

Aside from pets and particular footwear, the most common cause of scratches and marks on solid pine flooring is furniture. Any time big parts of furniture and intentionally or unintentionally moved, they could leave a permanent mark. Even something as straightforward as getting up from a chair can scratch your flooring if done without care. To prevent this from occurring, invest in some felt covers to the bottom of your furniture. These cheap bits of felt readily stick on to the bottoms of tables, chairs, and couches, providing a gentle buffer between your furniture and the floor. It should go without saying that if you are moving any heavy pieces of furniture in a room with hardwood floors, you ought to lift it instead of dragging it around the ground.

Know How to Correctly Clean Solid Oak Flooring

Cleaning solid oak flooring couldn't be any easier and certainly will go a long way in keeping your hardwood floor in good condition. The first step would be to sweep the ground with a brush to remove dirt and dust every few days or so depending on the degree of footfall in the room. It is also possible to do this step using a vacuum cleaner but make certain that you have an proper hardwood flooring harmonious attachment before you do so, otherwise, you could scratch the finish.

For a deeper clean, you could even wash your hardwood flooring once each week or so but take care to use a damp mop and never a wet one.


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