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What is the best product to clean hardwood floors?

There are numerous products available to enable you to clean your hardwood flooring. Choosing the right one is crucial to maintaining your floor looking its very best. After your new hardwood flooring was installed, you will want to make every attempt to keep it fresh and clean. Firstly, you should brush your flooring on a regular basis. We advise that you do this regular if the flooring is in a crowded place. Employing the correct product does indeed help to keep your hardwood flooring looking fresh and new.
Our product recommendations for Cleansing your hardwood Flooring

Listed below are the top 3 cleansing products for hardwood floors:

Bona Wood Floor Cleaning Spray Mop

The mop lets you clean your hardwood flooring in one sweep. It is the best cleaning kit. The pH neutral, refillable, cleaning option is built into the mop handle, and is mild yet powerful. The mop has a microfibre pad that is removable and machine washable. Finally, the mop includes a rotating head to easily reach into corners and tricky areas. If your wooden floor has an oiled finish, you could be interested in the Bona Cleaning Kit for Oiled Floors.

Osmo Wash and Care

This cleaning option is acceptable for both oiled and lacquered hardwood flooring. It includes all natural ingredients and offers a highly successful cleaning product. Osmo wash and care is easy to use by mixing with water and applying with a microfibre mop.

Bona Wood Floor Refresher

This is the perfect cleaning product for refreshing a dull looking hardwood flooring. It revives scratches and provides protection into the surface of the timber. It shouldn't be used each time you wash your floor but is good every now and again to restore the sheen and lustre to your hardwood flooring.

Is there anything that I should avoid?

You should always check the details of any cleaning solutions. They should be water based or pH neutral, and appropriate for cleaning hardwood flooring. You should never use a steam mop since this can damage the timber. Additionally, avoid any acidic or abrasive cleaning products, and do not use furniture polish.


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